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Time lost in his own

Suddenly, we're not remember his past. We just from old photographs " know " that is what kind of. Although every day to look in the mirror, but, we soon forget myself of yesterday.

You can describe himself a year ago looks? Unless changed, otherwise, you and me, can only smile and shake head. Who can remember time lost in myself?

When young, because more like sister look, I would put my sister's photo in his wallet, tell others, this is my childhood. The teacher and classmates to see pictures, with a not too look online marketing, said: " it is? This is not like you! "

My sister always something like me? Why not? Then I know, we don't like is the temperament. She is very quiet, I am rude.

I have also sent a photo to my sister, that is like a picture, because I look good. Later, I forgot my picture to the sister, I always find has been looking for, thought I lost. One day many years later, with sister filed, she said: " you gave me, but I put photos up. Because at the time I was jealous of you, mom and Dad love you, what are you better than me. "

I have a little embarrassing. Until today, I didn't tell her, I have to take photos of her posing himself, she did not know at the time how I envy her. I'm sorry, is never to see the picture, no memory at that time, but I really have forgotten.

Your waistline, who is responsible?

Saudi Arabia said, every man for himself in, to make a choice between his life, this is the existencewine tasting.

Your waist size should be my responsibility? Your flesh, is irrelevant. You can't wear the clothes can be bought last year, who is to blame?

I complained to friends on the phone, he has a lot of fat, with acne, feel the whole people also do not carry. I asked him: " what did you eat today? " He answered: " I had been out at a salted egg sausage fermented bean curd rice. " He is not every day to eat a lot of meat, is to eat something, itself is a violent maniac, also do not have a point, the face of acne and ferocious looks who is responsible?

We should be responsible is all of their status: body and soul.

Very sad, I have cried for a good friend said: " I feel a failure, make a mess of things. " He asked me: " you can do better than now? "

At that moment, I suddenly wake up, I couldn't do better, this is me. Let me do it again, I would do.

Once I thought love a person, the greatest is waiting. Again today, great love, in addition to wait, is to accept spa hong kong.

Accept his past, also accept his status. You say: " to understand is to accept? "

Accept: although not understanding, also can accept -- accept my love with my differences. We all want to love in. With waist circumference, regardless of beauty and ugliness, this is me, I am responsible for.